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TestM is a really useful tool that lets you perform a detailed analysis of your smartphone to check the hardware’s current status. The app’s main objective is to check the status of the smartphone you just purchased or diagnose the smartphone you want to sell. TestM gives you a detailed and complete report after it runs all the necessary tests.

This free app lets you perform tests that assess the different elements of the smartphone you’re analyzing: the performance of the screen, the sound, the movement sensor, the connectivity, the sensors and different cameras it includes. Each test focuses on performing short exercises that efficiently check each one of these sections. If, for example, you’re checking the touchscreen, you have to eliminate a number of squares in a certain amount of time, or, if you’re checking the state of the gyroscope you have to move the smartphone in a certain way.

TestM is an excellent app that establishes a detailed diagnostic of the current status of a smartphone. It is very useful to find out if you’re purchasing a stolen phone or to know if you can use it in your country. Also, the app includes a map that shows you repair shops near you in case you need to fix one of the elements.
Test out the state of your phone's hardware with TestM

Phone benchmark analysis is the best way to find out how well your phone works under certain conditions. Benchmarks and comparisons between new phones are nothing new, but what if you want to check the status of a used phone? TestM tries to solve this problem with a complete tool that performs different tests to check the state of a phone's hardware. That's something that's never a bad idea.
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